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Everyone Loves a Fireman

When it comes to getting to photograph a fireman, nothing beats the chance to capture images of family. Yes, this good-looking and hardworking young man is my cousin's son. He had just come from fighting a fire in sub-zero weather for hours - on little sleep - for a session to build his portfolio to do modeling/acting gigs (presently with stand-ins on Chicago Fire). How can anyone look that good on 3-4 hours sleep is beyond me. Youth!

Well, after we finished several of the business, relaxed, and misc outfit changes...and I was breaking down the lighting he said "oh I was suppose to tell you I have my frozen fire gear in the car with me." WHAT?!! Get it out! We have GOT TO get some shots of you in your gear...and those ever important "no shirt" shots for your portfolio. And...there you have it... the fly by the seat of your pants extra "fireman" shots that everyone loves.

Sometimes those unplanned shots are the best ones! Thanks for a fun day in the studio Ryan, and good luck with all your endeavors! Stay safe.



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