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for love of the old Agfa portrait papers

When it comes right down to it...there is nothing like black & white images.

Juicy, rich, warm brown, with deep shades like the old #Agfa double thick paper. In particular my favorite was #Portriga. Back in the day I would go through boxes of that paper creating prints in my small handbuilt darkroom.

Gosh, some days I really miss printing in the dark room, lost for hours and hours, losing track of time; emerging hours later having felt like it was minutes. I would be in the zone.

Even now, I can be processing my images digitally and still get lost in creating the perfect print that evokes all the timeless story I can feel and see in the person see through my lens.

While not Portriga, here are a few that I created reminiscent of those juicy old prints.

Let me know what you think. Cheers, Linda

Cheers, linda

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