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Copper Fiddle Distillery has it all!

A few weeks back I made it over to Copper Fiddle Distillery in Lake Zurich, for a visit with Jose and Fred. These two owners have a story worth hearing and drinks worth sipping. On this quiet Wednesday, in the dark back barrel room, they were going through the process of "proofing" their whiskey.

All of their spirits are handcrafted and made in very small numbered batches - meeting very strict standards. I got to watch and photograph the process, including the filling of the bottles....all very fascinating.

But, the best part was getting to enjoy a Montana Mule at the end of the process - completely chilled in one of their signature copper mugs - a first for me on all accounts!

They host private parties, as well as feature bands on the weekends and open mic night on Thursdays. Being a huge fans of fiddles myself, I would have to say the pairing of their cocktails with live music suits me just fine! I highly recommend you stop in for a visit soon.



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