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For the Love of Square Images.

For years my camera was the Hasselblad medium 2 1/4" format camera. It was a solid 5lb camera and when you added lenses it would become my weekly workout. That iconic camera brought together the best of everything; large negatives, old fashion top view, amazing lens quaity and then there was the square. Oh, I do so love capturing square images!

I carried that beast of a camera to Machi Pichu in Peru, so much of the Southwest...Bryce, Zion, Moab, the Grand Canyon...hiking down and back up...brutal. All over Europe too, and nothing could replace the look and feel of this amazing camera.

But, with technology, and the cost of upgrading to that baby to digital, well not too affordable. So I transitioned from my 4x5 and 2 1/4 cameras to faster, lighter digital cameras that offered the quality and flexibility needed in the industry. I found so many of them perfect in so many ways except one...they weren't square.

Then the world invented "apps". Between Hiptamatic and Instagram eventually the whole world began seeing the world in the square...and so many were falling in love with this shape too!

At last, I found my happy place in these apps. The ability to shoot digital, but deliver images in a variety of styles mirroring my vintage print and shooting styles was a dream. While many might have an eliteist or purist point of view...only film for them, or only real cameras, etc. For me it was the chance to fall in love with the square again and nothing was stopping me. It was about my eye, and what was in front of me...simple as that.

In between photographing my client work and delivering social media projects, I continue to shoot almost every week using these vintage apps and square format - and in particular in black & white.

If you are interested in seeing my porfolio of images for purchase, please let me know and I'd be happy to share them with you.

If you are free this tonight (6/26) come to the Starline Gallery in Harvard for their Fourth Friday exhibits and see my work on display in Nancy Merklings studio.



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