Sweet New Born Sessions

Nothing compares to having the sweetness of a new born in the studio for a session. Their parents are filled with love, sleepiness and delight all combined to create the perfect combination for tender photographic moments.

For me photographing those little swaddled bundles of joy can make me almost weepy. From clicking the shutter as they smile in their sleep, or capturing those little pink feet, to photographing those teeny-tiny hands wrapped around a mom or dad's one finger...it can all melt your heart.

These are the moments that transcend time. They become keepsakes both digitally and emotionally; they remind both parent and child (not to mention me) of the wonderment of birth - plus their first crush of love and bonding to make them a family.

These are the moments I live for in my studio. I put on some quiet ocean sounds, crank up the heater, pull out tons of my warm comfy blankets for my sets... and then the bonus... getting to gently rock these tiny angels in-between set changes...I love it all!

I'd love to capture your newest addition.

Call me to book your classic newborn session - where it's all about the connection and not the trend of lots of props. Timeless images of beauty to last a lifetime.

Hugs, Linda

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