when your baby grows up...

No matter what their age, your kids will always be your babies.

Most might think it's just baby photos that are important to capture, but it's during all those milestone years when they are growing up and moving into adulthood, I find it so important to capture. Those amazing youthful faces.

They are becoming their own person. They have their own opinions. They have decisions to make on their own; even if you want to do it for them...it's important for them to find their way. They have friendships to build and adventures to chase. Those teen years are all about seeing them transition from youth into adulthood...and I love capturing every little expression; especially the ones that help you recall these fleeting moments.

Here's a few of my favorites from my shoot with Nathan...with a few precious shots with his mom at the very end...always so special.

Cheers, Linda

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