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Looking for Joy - a photo a day project 


As 2016 ends and another begins, I find myself in deep reflection over the many wonderful but equally sad moments that this year has presented. It has left my heart feeling raw and aching. You see I lost two of my best friends; my beautiful Mom and just 5 months later just days ater Christmas, my sweetpea, golden dog named Wrigs.  Coincidently both possessed the most gentle of souls. While not wanting to compare my sweet generous kind mom to my furry companion of almost 11 years... all I can tell you is that both of them had spirits that were not of this world. So patient, kind and present. After losing my mom, my dog is what got me up in the morning. She gave me a purpose to get out of bed, get her fed and go out for walks. But now that I don't have my sweet girl to keep me from my dispair - I am feeling as if I have lost my joy.


Joy, was something I think I was inherently born with, but now have it has somehow managed to slip out of my body into the abyss. 


So...since I see the world through images, I have decided to "look for joy" each day and photograph it as a means of trying to fill my spirit back up. Forcing me to find a reason to get going, to "see the world again through a lens of joy".  


Please join me on my journey to find "joy" in the everyday. 

Peace in 2017,




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